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Hello and Welcome


Design. Function. Joy



     We are a family of diverse artists. Janet Lynn Scarbrough paints in acrylics mostly. Clinton Lariscy paints and draws in various mediums. Scott Lariscy sculpts in clay and metal. Nichole Lariscy sculpts in clay and felt.

The Scarbrough/ Lariscy family has always loved through art. Now we are sharing it with you. We live in different parts of the country: Hilton Head, SC; San Diego, CA; Sylvania, GA; and Birmingham, AL. We believe that art is therapy for the artists and therapy for the people who receive the art as a gift. Is it joyful? Is it beautiful? Does it make you smile? These are the highest calls of usefulness in a world cluttered with objects and events that do not bring us joy. We want to share the joy of functional, beautiful art with you. Art for us is an expression of our family of origin--how we speak to one another, how we love one another, and how we stay together despite the miles and years that separate us. It is a nod to the deep and sacred humanness in each of us.